New York's #1 Rated Tesla Repair Shop

Our team is certified to repair all Tesla models, including Model S, Model 3, Model X, Model Y, and Roadster, to the original manufacturer's standards.

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We're located at 247 East Shore Road in Great Neck, NY





No other electric vehicle provides the luxury and performance of a Tesla. As a proud member of the Tesla Approved Body Shop (TABS) Network, our expert technicians only use OEM parts, tools, and materials for all of your auto body repair needs. Our Tesla factory-trained repair team is committed to only the highest structural integrity and quality finishes.

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Damage & Accidents

Don Joe Auto Body has invested in training and specialized equipment to build New York's most extensive, and Great Neck's only Tesla Approved Body Shop (TABS). So if your Tesla has been in an accident, bring it to us. Our team is certified to get your vehicle back on the road to Tesla's high standards. We'll even tow it for free.

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Protection & Care

In addition to superior performance, Teslas are also great-looking cars. Preserve your vehicle's paint and interior with Don Joe's 5-star rated protection & care services. Talk to our team about the best options to maintain the look and value of your Tesla.

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Superior Technology Demands Superior Results

We specialize in restoring your vehicle to like-new condition, or better!

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5 Star Reviews

"Outstanding service and professionalism. A snow plow wrecked the trunk on my new Tesla Model S. I brought it to Don Joe where Victor assessed the damage. He knew exactly what needed to be done. He put me at ease immediately. He coordinated everything with the Insurance Company and he did an expert job repairing the damage. Victor got my car back to me way before I expected. No delays. No excuses. Just a terrific job. And he detailed the car for me at no cost. It actually looks better now than it did when I first bought it! Thank you so much!"

"I had gotten into a pretty major accident, and was looking on Tesla for a Body Shop when I stumbled upon Don Joe Auto Body. Don Joe worked closely with me in order to get the parts needed for the job, all while minimizing the time I had to be away from my Model 3. Victor was an excellent person to work with, let alone the vibe given off by their entire staff showing how they put the customer first. I got my car back in a timely manner. It feels as if it never had any accident, and looks better than when I picked it up at the Tesla Showroom on Day 1. A+"

"...Geico asked me to use one of their express repair shops, Don Joe Auto Body in Great Neck NY. Not knowing where else to go, I agreed and brought my car in. I was met by a very friendly fellow named Victor, who took excellent care of my car and all of my concerns. He moved mountains to get parts quickly, and was always on top of communicating with me and assuring me that the car was being handled properly..."

"After I was rear ended I brought my Tesla here to be fixed.  Victor was great and took care of everything from start to finish.  There was clear communication about all the steps involved in the process.  They work with enterprise so my rental was waiting for me when I dropped off the car.  Victor completed the work in the time he told me it would take (maybe even a day early) and my car looks brand new.  I would not hesitate to use them again!"

When Henry Ford made cheap, reliable cars, people said, 'Nah, what's wrong with a horse?' That was a huge bet he made, and it worked.

- Elon Musk

We Work With All Insurances

Here are just a few examples of automotive insurances we can help you fix your Tesla with:

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